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Also available in German from Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf and in Portuguese from Rai Editora!

The kids in McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions, might not be the most popular, but Glee is unquestionably a runaway hit. Since its premiere in May 2009, Glee has exploded as one of the most popular hours on TV, earning an astounding 19 Emmy nominations in its first season. In addition to the show’s staggering success, Glee’s songs have been heating up the music charts, with 25 tracks on the 2009 hot 100 list, a hit-rate topped only by the Beatles when they had 31 hits in 1964.

Don’t Stop Believin’ pays tribute to the glorious mash-up of music, comedy, drama and social commentary that has put Glee and its band of misfits in the spotlight. Written by gleeks extraordinaire Erin Balser and Suzanne Gardner, the book is jam-packed with:

  • an in-depth episode-by-episode exploration of the show, focusing on themes, storylines and main characters
  • all the details on the hit songs in every episode, behind-the-scenes happenings and the show’s entertainment and cultural references
  • exclusive interviews with Glee actors including Stephen Tobolowsky (Sandy Ryerson), Heather Morris (Brittany), and Kent Avenido (Howard Bamboo)
  • personal stories from fellow gleeks about what the show means to them
  • biographies of the principal players and guest stars
  • the story of the making of Glee and how it was brought to life by creator Ryan Murphy
  • fun and informative sidebars
  • terrific on- and off-set photos of the cast

Capturing all the highs and lows of this ground-breaking series, Don’t Stop Believin’ is a show-stopping guide to Glee’s journey — the perfect companion for fans who demand an encore once the curtain falls.


Don’t Stop Believin’ in my mind was pretty perfect when it comes to giving all the dish and facts on Glee. […] I think this guide lends itself wonderfully to all sorts of Glee fans, the ones like me that want to gobble up all the information all at the same time and read it straight through, and those that would prefer to leisurely flip through when they are watching a certain episode, it’s all here. There is even a small section of color photos in the middle, not so large that it eats up the rest of the book but enough to give your eyes a rest half way through. If you are a fan of Glee, hands down this Glee guide is for you!”

– Alea, Pop Culture Junkie

“When reading some Glee books out there, you can tell these people were only interested in capitalizing on the Glee fame, but not in Erin and Suzie’s book. You can truly tell they’re passionate about Glee, whether it be the music, the stories, the characters, or the fans, and that’s one thing that makes this book special. There are so many interesting facts spread throughout the book — many of which I didn’t even know! You get to learn the casts’ audition songs, information about the original songs covered in each episode, actor bios, trivia pieces, and even interviews with actual Glee cast members! […] I truly cannot recommend this book enough and I give major props to Erin and Suzie for writing such an amazing companion guide. Their hard work and dedication to the Glee fan community is like no other.”

– Rachel, Being @RachelBerryWMHS

“It’s the ultimate companion guide to not only the show itself but the music! […] So if you’re the kind that’s into the music of Glee just as much as the show, not only will you love Don’t Stop Believin’ as a guide to the series in general but for its in-depth look at the music. Rating: 5/5 STARS”

– Tanya, Glee Soundtrack

“Gleekdom goddesses Erin and Suzie have written the essential guide to Glee and it’s available now! This is a book for serious Gleeks and newbies alike. Let’s put it this way – if you want to be prepared for any Glee-related question that comes your way, you need to read this book. Everything you were hoping would be in the DVD extras but wasn’t is in this book. And more.”

– Danielle, What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?

“So Erin and Suzie, a couple of fabulous members of The Gleekdom, have written the ultimate Gleek bible, Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee, and I must give it two enthusiastic WTF thumbs up! (Think Henri’s thumb cake from “Acafellas”—that’s how much I love this book!!) In addition to being funny and insightful, Don’t Stop Believin’ is chock-full of WTF moments (Erin and Suzie call them “off key” moments, because their mamas raised them right, and they don’t cuss like drunk sailors on a three-day pass like I do). I love observations like “Why did Will suddenly start failing the Cheerios in Throwdown?” and “If the Thunderclap devotes a full page pic to each teacher, it would be 8,000 pages long…”

– Dana, WTF Glee?

“This section was followed by in-depth discussion of a good deal of the main and supporting cast of season one. I was afraid that this information would all just be recycled interviews and quotes with little new information; this was not the case. Although I have read many stories and articles about the cast, I still found much of the information in this section to be new and filled with many interesting facts. […] I am not the type of person who would spend money on a unofficial guide to a TV series. The reasonable price of this book – $10 to $14 dollars depending on where you look – would help to change my mind. This book is full of new facts that even avid Glee fans will find interesting.”

– Kimberly, IDK my BFF books



Download a PDF excerpt of Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee, and then go buy a copy so that you can read the rest!

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