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It’s a Latin invasion: Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan to guest star on Glee

December 2, 2011

Ricky MartinGloria Estefan













Latin music fans, get ready to get excited! According to TV Line and Entertainment Weekly, Fox is currently in talks to secure two big guest stars for a January episode of Glee: Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan! Here’s all of the scoop we’ve gotten so far:

Ricky Martin
TV Line announced the news that Ricky Martin’s in negotiations to play “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio.” Sounds like Mr. Schue’s got some competition!  will apparently take the lead in two musical numbers in the episode, which is currently scheduled to air sometime in late January. Just to tease his fans a bit more, Ricky even slyly tweeted about his future appearance on the show:

Gloria Estefan
Entertainment Weekly released the scoop that Gloria Estefan is currently in talks to play the role of Santana’s mother! Although we met Santana’s disapproving grandmother in the last episode, her parents remained off-screen, so it makes sense that we’ll be seeing her later on. Gloria will be appearing in the same episode as Ricky in late January, and the episode will apparently feature some of Gloria’s own music, as well as some other bilingual tunes. And just like Ricky, Gloria also used Twitter to tease her fans about the upcoming role:

So gleeks, what do you think of these big guest star announcements? Glee has been shockingly devoid of guest stars so far this season, so these two will definitely shake things up. Are you excited to see celebrities back on Glee again, or do you prefer when they focus on the cast? How do you think Ricky and Gloria will fare? Let me know in the comments!

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