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“As your friend, I support your strange aversion to fun. But as your director, I’m concerned.”: The First Time (3×05) Gleecap

November 9, 2011

Rachel and BlaineLast week’s episode may have been less than spectacular, but “The First Time” more than made up for it. This episode had all the elements of an awesome Glee episode: big drama, awesome laughs, excellent music…and oh, did I mention big drama? Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine were definitely the stars of this episode, but I think even non-Finchel or Klaine fans must’ve appreciated how well the show dealt with the big issues at hand. Even though it may have been the “safer” choice, I appreciated how the show talked about sex way more than it actually showed it…but then again, this is also a show that airs on Fox at 8 p.m., so I don’t think anyone was expecting to see too much of the act itself. But let’s break all this down a little further below, shall we?

Favourite Character: It’s hard to give this honour to just one character this week, as the excellent performances from Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine would have been nothing without their counterparts. I really thought that all four main characters were spot-on this week, and I was even thoroughly impressed by Cory Monteith’s acting in the scene where he breaks down to Rachel about his crushed football dreams. (Usually I find Cory’s acting to be rather mediocre…but he really excelled in this scene.) In addition to the crucial four, I simply adored Beiste this week, particularly in the locker room scene when Cooter asks her on a date. I’m thrilled to see Beiste finally get a love interest – she deserves it, and I hope she begins to realize that, too!

Blaine and The WarblersFavourite Song: Ever since I heard that McKinley High was putting on a production of West Side Story this year, I’ve been waiting anxiously to see them perform “America”. And once I heard that Santana was going to be playing the role of Anita, my excitement multiplied like crazy. And needless to say, my expectations were more than met. “America” was the most over-the-top high school musical production I’ve ever seen, but wow was it ever awesome. The choreography was fantastic and both Santana and Puck totally rocked. Definitely the musical highlight of this week’s episode (although all of the West Side Story songs were excellent and “Uptown Girl” was also very fun).

Favourite Quotes:

Artie: As your friend, I support your strange aversion to fun. But as your director, I’m concerned.

Kurt (about his bucket list): Number 5, alright, this one’s really embarrassing, I wrote this before I met you: Have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat.

Karofsky: I’m what they call a Bear Cub.
Kurt: Because you look like Yogi?

Kurt: I mean, we are playing it very safe by not granting our hands Visas to travel south of the Equator.

Rachel: That was amazing. I’ve never had meat substitute before that tasted that much real like meat.
Finn: Of course, because you’re a vegan which I remember because we know each other so well.

Rory (with the worst Irish-Puerto Rican accent ever): You came with your mouths open.
Beiste: We gotta work on this kid’s diction.

Blaine and KurtLet’s Talk About Sex: As I mentioned in my intro, this episode was all about sex…yet there was way more talking about sex than actual sex. Which, although it makes sense on a youth-geared TV show, it still could’ve led to the episode falling incredibly flat. I thought that the episode’s handling of teen sex was tasteful, realistic, and although very chaste, still not too cheesy. Rachel’s emergency girl meeting was by far one of the episode’s best scenes, with each character giving very well-suited advice to Rachel. (Although I’m trying to forget that Brittany seems to have been raped at cheerleading camp…?! Not a very funny throwaway line, Glee.) Quinn says no because she got pregnant, Santana says no because Finn’s apparently bad in bed…but Tina, shy little Tina in the corner, tells Rachel that if she loves Finn, she should go for it, and then recounts her first time with Mike, and how she’ll never regret it because she truly loved him. It was a small part for Tina to play, yet a crucial one, and she handled it beautifully and tastefully, just like the final sex scenes themselves. All we saw was some cute in-bed cuddling, but really, it was enough to get the point, and I think only die-hard shippers wanted to see more anyway. Most of all, I really appreciated how Glee took a straight couple and a gay couple and had them deal with the exact same key teen issue. Their drama and complications may have been different, but Finn/Rachel and Kurt/Blaine were going through the same dilemma here, and the show really excellently portrayed the two couples together.

Guest Star Ranking: Well, hello, Sebastian! I may be a big fan of Kurt and Blaine, but I’m also a fan of good television, so I’m all for adding some drama into this perfect couple’s lives. Sebastian is a very welcome addition in my books, and I’m looking forward to seeing how his character continues to interact with the two lovebirds. His chemistry so far with Blaine has been excellent, and I particularly loved how awkward Blaine was when they first met – quite the role reversal! I also thought that Karofsky’s return was extremely well done and I’m quite sure we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

Beiste Artie EmmaWeak Point: Now, I love Artie, but making him the expert on sex was just weird. Particularly, the scene where he confronts Beiste about being a virgin was just incredibly uncomfortable and crossing all kinds of lines that shouldn’t have been crossed. Similarly, it was super upsetting to see Rachel decide that it was time to get it on with Finn, just for the sake of her career. In some ways, that was a typical Rachel move, but despite how incredibly driven she is, she also loves Finn, and I don’t think that, even momentarily, she would’ve treated her virginity that dismissively.

Next week: It’s the Troubletones vs. New Directions…plus things are heating up with Puck and Shelby, and my thoughts on that are exactly the same as Shelby in this preview below:

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