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Time for more Trouty Mouth: Chord Overstreet is returning to Glee

October 18, 2011

Sam EvansThat’s right, Sam fans – Chord Overstreet is currently in final talks to return to Glee later this season! TV Line is reporting that Overstreet will return to the show on a recurring basis, reprising the role of Sam Evans starting with episode 8.

Gleeks will remember that Overstreet decided to leave the show this summer, after the show decided not to pick up his series regular option for season 3. The show’s producers did originally invite him back on a recurring basis, but Overstreet declined the offer, choosing instead to focus on a burgeoning music career.

But apparently that’s all in the past, and Trouty Mouth will be making a comeback. No word yet on how his character will be re-integrated into the show, since his dad apparently got a job out of state, and all of his ex-girlfriends (Mercedes, Santana and Quinn) have since moved on.

But until we get more news on Sam’s return, let’s start theorizing, shall we? Tell me in the comments: Are you excited about Sam’s return? What do you hope to see from his character this season?

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  1. Samcedes fan1 permalink
    November 17, 2011 6:04 pm

    I am so vary happy his comeing back and i really hope there is samcedes.They didn’t really get a chacne to be together.We never really got to see them be a couple for me(and all the other samcedes fans)they seemed great together I say thy need a twist in the story line there one of the reason i keep waching the show to see wat happens at frist i thought if mercedes was pregnant,that would be a great twist in the show.They may had the teen-pregnant thing but they could do a different was this time but thats just me talking.

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