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“It’s not about doing your best anymore. It’s about doing better.”: Asian F (3×03) Gleecap

October 8, 2011

MercedesAlthough it was a pretty great episode, I think that “Asian F” suffered from too much hype. While I enjoyed watching it, I think I preferred last week’s “I Am Unicorn” better, and I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that “Asian F” was frequently touted as one of the best episodes of Glee ever, even before it was aired. Several entertainment blogs like Entertainment Weekly  and E! Online were comparing it to such season one greats as “Wheels”, which is extremely high praise. Before watching the episode I was expecting way too much out of “Asian F”, and I think that my enjoyment of the episode was negatively effected because of it. Nevertheless, there was definitely a lot to love in this episode, particularly everything to do with Mike Chang. But more on that in a moment…

Favourite Character(s): Now, I’ve been a huge Mike Chang fangirl from even before he spoke his first lines. No, seriously, I just thought he was so talented and engaging to watch, even though he never spoke. So, obviously, I’ve loved watching him gain more and more screen-time and become a fully developed character. Mike’s storyline was fabulous this week, showing such a range of emotion from him that we’ve never really seen before. The struggle to please one’s parents while still achieving one’s own dreams is a battle that most teens are all too familiar with, and Mike showcased this perfectly. The highlight, of course, was his beautiful scene with his mom that definitely had me weepy.

BrittanyBest Song(s): And while we’re on the topic of Mike Chang, how fantastic was “Cool”? Dude, killed that performance, singing-wise and dancing-wise. And the back-up dancing by the football team was awesome, too! Tied for that first place trophy for best song this week has to be “Run the World (Girls)”. Brittany S. Pearce hasn’t gotten to truly show off her moves since “Britney/Brittany” (the Britney Spears episode) last season, but damn, when she does, she’s completely captivating. Brittany kicked this song’s ass, and what a perfect pep rally song for her campaign. Totally loved it.

Favourite Quotes:

Beiste: I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was canceled, hence the crutches.

Brittany: So you’re cool with flushing McKinley High’s future down the magical, poop-stealing water chair?

Artie (about Mike): The kid’s never late. He runs like an expensive Swiss watch reproduced cheaply in China.

Kurt and BlaineMy Thoughts on the West Side Story casting: For the most part, I agree with the casting for West Side Story. Both Rachel and Mercedes were fantastic in their Maria auditions, and double-casting them was a smart decision by the directors. It’s disappointing that we won’t get to see Mercedes belt out some Maria songs. As I said in my gleecap of the premiere, I think Blaine is a perfect Tony, so I agree with this decision completely. Mike also did a fantastic audition for Riff, so I’m super excited for him to get the part. Anyone who’s familiar with West Side Story will likely agree with me that Santana is the natural casting for Anita – I’m only disappointed that we didn’t get to hear her audition! I really hope we’ll get to see her sing Anita’s song, “America”! (Anita’s the one in the pink dress in this clip from the 1961 movie – the song starts at 2:20.) The only casting decision I’m totally unsure about is Kurt as Officer Krupke. Really? Couldn’t he have been a member of the Jets, or something? Action, maybe? We’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

Mercedes and ShaneWeak Point: Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes. Sometimes I love your diva ways, and sometimes I kind of want to punch you out. This super high horse she’s gotten on is too much for me to handle and I found her extremely frustrating to watch this week. There’s standing up for and believing in yourself, and then there’s being downright self-entitled and obnoxious. I’m glad that she’s gone over to Shelby’s club so that hopefully her turn in the spotlight will cool her ego a bit.

Next Week: There is no next week! Thanks to baseball playoffs, there’s no Glee until November 1. Blame baseball, not me! I’ll still be posting lots of great Glee news until then though, so stay tuned! And watch the preview for November below, complete with snippets of Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman”, Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”:

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  1. Sofia permalink
    October 19, 2011 11:24 pm

    Although I agree that Mercedes can be & has been a diva a lot recently, I don’t think that this episode is one of those times. Sure she was rude & a little whiny at Booty Camp but she DID make a valid point about it being “The Rachel Berry Show” – everyone is always tip toeing around Rachel’s feelings, fluffing up her massive ego & putting up with (or making excuses for) her rude & self-serving ways. Then when Mercedes comes to the realization that she is just as talented as Rachel & beings to act in a similar fashion, she’s a diva! I really do hope she succeeds in Shelby’s group, she deserves it.

    • October 19, 2011 11:41 pm

      Thanks so much for your opinion, Sofia! You make some very good points. Mercedes is definitely very talented and I hope she succeeds, too. I just found her behavior in this episode to be a bit on the obnoxious side.

  2. Nicki permalink
    October 21, 2011 11:54 pm

    Nope, I definitely agree with you about Mercedes. It’s always the “Rachel Berry Show” because no one else ever steps up to the plate. Almost every time someone else has wanted to sing a song, Mr. Shue has let them. Did Mercedes completely forget about the time Rachel let her sing at Regionals (even though Rachel did end up singing, but that wasn’t her fault)? Rachel always has the lead because she wants it the most, and everyone else is usually content to let her have it.

    Mercedes became an egotistical diva, and it was annoying as hell. I even felt bad for Rachel when she was trying to be nice, and Mercedes just brushed her off.

    I agree with most of your other points too. I ❤ Mike, and I agreed with the castings of West Side Story as well. One thing I thought differently was that I totally thought "Fix You" was the best song of the episode (Emma crying?! So sad), and I'm surprised you didn't mentioned the Will/Emma storyline at all. Great review though!

  3. Ashleigh permalink
    October 29, 2011 7:58 am

    I agree with you about Mercedes, I know she’s meant to be the diva and all, but seriously!?!?!?

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