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Songs, videos, stills & more!: All you want to know about episode 2, “I Am Unicorn”

September 26, 2011

Shelby and RachelAnother week, another new Glee episode! Oh, it’s so nice to get to say that again! Spoilerphobes, beware – below you’ll find the official synopsis, song previews, episode stills and a sneak peek video from this week’s episode, “I Am Unicorn”. First, here’s the synopsis:

Much to his dismay, Will discovers that (thanks to a private donation) former Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran has been hired to direct a second show-choir group at McKinley; while both Will and Shelby seem good natured about their impending competition, several of the students are less than thrilled about her return to Lima. Brittany manages Kurt’s campaign for class President, but he worries that her strategy may be too one-dimensional; and auditions for the school’s production of West Side Story begin with Artie, Emma, and Coach Beiste serving as the trio of directors. Trying to mend fences, Shelby gives her biological daughter Rachel some sound career advice. Meanwhile, auditions for the male lead in the play heat up, threatening to drive a wedge between Kurt and Blaine.

Holy drama! This season sounds like it’s heating up fast! But you want more, you say? Well, take a listen below to previews of the three songs we’ll be hearing this week:

How gorgeous are Rachel and Shelby in the last song, “Somewhere” from West Side Story? I’ve listened to their rendition so many times already…and I’ve watched it, too! Check out the full performance video below:

And, as always, I’ve got episode stills to wrap things up! Click on each image for the full-sized version:

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