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“No one ever became a star by playing it safe.”: The Purple Piano Project (3×01) Gleecap

September 21, 2011

MercedesIt’s back, it’s back, Glee is finally back! And I don’t just mean back on our TV screens, but also “back to basics”. This phrase was repeated endlessly by both the cast and crew of Glee throughout the summer, and, well, for good reason. Even the most die-hard gleeks admit that the second season didn’t quite live up to the amazingness that was Glee‘s first, so some fine-tuning was definitely necessary. This episode felt much more “season 1”-esque to me, while also opening things up for some great overarching storylines this season, particularly Sue’s run for office and her campaign against arts funding, and Rachel and Kurt’s musical theatre school quest. But more on that later. Let’s break the episode down a little bit, shall we?

Favourite Character(s): Welcome to McKinley, Mr. Blaine Warbler! (Can I still call him that even though he’s no longer a Warbler? Mr. Blaine Directions doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.) Although his rationale for switching schools was a little bit too cheesy for my liking, you won’t see me complaining about Blaine getting more screen time. As always, he was super adorable in this episode – I loved his first scene out of the blazer and how he was so amused that Kurt didn’t notice his wardrobe change. I also have to give some love to my girl Quinn because, well, I think she could use some love right now! I’m really excited to see Glee finally have a teen character go through a true rebellion stage (the glee club members’ actions during “Bad Reputation” don’t count!) because it’s just such a quintessentially teenage act. Quinn was super interesting to watch this week (I especially loved her scene with Santana and Brittany), and I hope they explore this side of Quinn further.

You Can't Stop the BeatBest Song(s): While we’re on the topic of Blaine, how amazing was “It’s Not Unusual”?! The dude sure knows how to take the Carlton and shift it from nerdy to oh-so-charming. I also loved the infectious peppiness of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” and the spot-on rendition of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” by Rachel and Kurt.

Favourite Quotes:

Kurt: Finn and Rachel’s “The Kiss that Missed” already has 20,000 views on YouTube and the comments section is just full of pithy banter like, “Why is that T-Rex eating that Jew?”

Becky: What about toast? Bread’s already been baked. I don’t get why you need to cook it again.

Sue: I am in ninth place at 6 percent, well behind undecided, that rapist running from prison, and “I don’t care, please don’t call me during dinner.”

Kurt (to Rachel): Your ambition does push-ups while you sleep.

Rachel (to Kurt): You make me wanna be your boyfriend.

Fave New Character: Sugar Motta, you may not know how to sing, but damn girl, you’ve sure got a lot of sass! I’ve never seen actress Vanessa Lengies in action before, but I thought she killed it as Sugar, and am really looking forward to more from this character.

RachelBest Twosome: While watching the season 2 finale, I swooned over a blossoming new twosome that was anything but romantic, yet couldn’t be more perfect. So, needless to say, I’m crazy excited that the Rachel/Kurt friendship seems to still be on the agenda this season! These two are so wonderfully matched and nobody understands them better than each other – really, these two just need to be BFFs. Every scene they were in together was perfect in this episode, particularly the one in Rachel’s car after finding out that these two aren’t quite as “one of a kind” as they might have thought. I can’t wait to watch this friendship develop over the course of the season!

The Glee Project winner alert: For those of you who didn’t watch The Glee Project this summer, each time one of the show’s (four!) winners makes an appearance on Glee this season, I’ll point them out so you’re sure to stay in the loop. This week we saw Lindsay Pearce make her first of two appearances as Harmony, the Rachel-esque character at the NYADA info night. While I was never a fan of Lindsay on the reality show (I agreed with Ryan Murphy when he once called her “a less likeable Lea Michele”), I thought this role was perfect for her. She obviously has extremely strong vocal talent, and she expertly plays the role of an overachiever because, well, that’s who she seems to be in real life, too. This was a small role, but a very key one, and I think they worked Lindsay into the show in a very smart way.

Weak Point: I know this is a somewhat common issue on TV shows, but I really hate how we have suddenly been thrust into the middle of two key relationships: Mercedes and Marcus, and Will and Emma. In the case of Mercedes/Marcus (do they have a shipper name yet? I can’t think of anything good.), it feels extra strange to have one of our main characters so suddenly involved with a new character we don’t know. I wish we had seen Marcus woo her and seen how that relationship came to be. I really hope we’ll get some flashbacks on that front. And as for Will and Emma, I was just so surprised that they’re suddenly having sleepovers! Or living together? It’s not quite clear, but regardless, I feel like we missed many key steps in their relationship, too.

Next Week: Look who’s back in town! Rachel’s baby mama and former Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran is back, and it looks like we’ll FINALLY be exploring how giving up baby Beth a year and a half ago truly affected Quinn…and hopefully Puck, too? Also, it’s school musical time! Hooray! Check out the preview clip below, and share your thoughts about the premiere and the promo in the comments!:

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  1. Claire permalink
    September 22, 2011 4:39 pm

    Not only were the new relationships introductions abrupt, but I really don’t like how abruptly Sam and Lauren Sizes were dismissed. They were great characters and if they had to go I think they deserve more closure than just a few lines.

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