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Two sneak peek videos from the Glee season 3 premiere!

September 18, 2011

The Purple Piano ProjectOnly two more days, gleeks – can you handle it?! To help you through this final stretch, I’ve rounded up a couple of sneak peek videos from Tuesday’s season 3 premiere. Neither of them are embeddable, so please visit the links below:

  • Over at Entertainment Weekly, check out the first Glee performance of the season, with a cafeteria-set performance of The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” by several members of the New Directions crew. This number will definitely get you moving, and I foresee some future dance parties in my living room to this song!
  • And at TV Guide, you can see the first 36 seconds of the episode, featuring Jacob Ben Israel’s annoying yet hilarious brand of journalism…and the reveal of yet another junior member of New Directions! Yup, that’s right – this clip tells us that another glee club fave isn’t graduating this year! Watch the clip to find out who, and then share your thoughts in the comments! I’ve got a related theory to share, but I’ll write it in the comments to keep this post a bit more spoiler-free…
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