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Deaths, solos, and so many tears: “Funeral” (2×21) Gleecap

May 24, 2011

Funeral - RachelThemed-based episodes are one of Glee‘s biggest strengths, especially when they’re as clever as this one. “Funeral” was, of course, about the death of Sue’s sister Jean, but it was also about the death of Finn and Quinn’s relationship and the death of Sue and Will’s rivalry. If you want to take it one step further, it’s also about Jesse’s attempted killing of New Directions’ spirit through his plan of finding the club’s star. It’s interesting that so many people/things would die in the episode before the season finale (usually such dramatics are seen in season closers!), but with the penultimate episode being so heavy on emotions and suspense, one can only expect that the finale will be even more intense. Let’s break the episode down a bit further though, shall we?

Favourite Character: What made this episode so strong was, without a doubt, Jane Lynch’s fantastic performance as Sue Sylvester. The woman seriously secured her award nominations for next year with this episode. From sad to angry to her usual vindictiveness, we saw so many different sides of Sue, and all of them were stunning. For me, her best performance came during the funeral scene, where she very notably was not wearing one of her trademark tracksuits. Never had I seen Sue so stripped down, so raw, so vulnerable — it seemed as though her tracksuit is actually part of her façade, and by removing her tracksuit, she also removed her hard shell. Truly excellent work from Jane in this episode.

Funeral - KurtBest Throwback to Season 1: Although the process threatened to break apart the glee club’s team spirit, the auditions to find New Directions’ star was a great “hat tip” to the pilot, in which we saw auditions on that very same stage from Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Tina. Even the audition list made a return appearance, along with Rachel’s gold stars!

Best Song: All of the solos were so perfectly suited to each character this week and I loved that. It felt as though Ryan Murphy asked the four soloists what song they really wanted to sing on the show — they could really do any song they wanted because their solos didn’t have to fit in with any specific theme! If I had to pick my top songs from the episode though, I’d go with Mercedes’ flawless rendition of “Try a Little Tenderness” and New Directions’ stunningly sweet version of “Pure Imagination.”

Favourite Quotes:

Jesse: Do you know what happens in Vocal Adrenaline if someone dies during a performance? They use them as a prop, like Weekend At Bernie’s.

Sue: Your nickname is Panda Express.
Howard: But I’m not Chinese.
Sue: Neither is the food at Panda House.

Jesse (to Finn): You kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop.

Sue: Oh William, I wouldn’t dare lean on you. There’s so much grease in your hair I’d probably slide right off.

Jesse: I took a class at UCLA in Judging for Reality TV Shows, so I’m totally ready to give feedback that’s both blistering and unhelpful.

Funeral - TrioI Can’t Believe They Finally Set Her Free: Wow, I’m seriously still a bit floored that the writers set Terri free! Despite her obviously huge flaws, I’ve always enjoyed watching Jessalyn Gilsig as Terri, but at the same time, I’m glad that the writers have finally written her out of the show (at least for now). They’ve barely used her in the show this season, and Jessalyn is a great actress so I’m happy that she’ll be able to go find success somewhere else now. And hopefully they’ll find a reason to bring Terri and her crazy back in later seasons!

Guest Star Ranking: Oh, Jay St. Jay, why do you have to be such an arrogant ass? I really loved Jesse last season, so it’s pretty heartbreaking for me to see him be so completely cruel this time around. On the flip side, however, Jonathan Groff is doing a fantastic job of playing up Jesse’s jerky ways, so he’s still entertaining to watch, even if he’s not as crush-worthy. Becky also was great in her scenes with Sue this week — oh, how that hug made me tear up! Also, hooray for a brief reappearance from Howard Bamboo! That guy always cracks me up.

Next week: It’s NYC time! New Directions has finally made it to Nationals in the Big Apple — but are they good enough to take home the gold? And how much drama will they run into along the way? Check out the promo video now:

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  1. Ashleigh permalink
    May 27, 2011 4:09 am

    ahah I haven’t seen this ep yet and when I read the part of the death of finn and quinn’s relationship I stopped halfway through and thought it said the death of Finn GIVE ME A BLOODY HEART ATTACK!! lol. I’m glad they broke up not being mean or anything but Quinn was alllll wrong for Finn. Finn and Rachel belong together!!!


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