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Dances, fights and surprising prom royalty: “Prom Queen” (2×20) Gleecap

May 17, 2011

Will promAh, prom, the quintessential teen experience. And you know that when Glee does prom, it’s gotta be even more dramatic than you ever imagined a high school dance could be. Only at McKinley would sarcastic write-in votes for a gay kid end up putting him on the prom queen’s throne, holy crap. Putting Kurt and Karofsky as queen and king was a fantastic twist, and a perfect way to explore their relationship even further. I’ve really enjoyed watching Karofsky’s character develop throughout this season, and it’ll be really interesting to see how being named prom king affects him. Will he take this as a sign that he must remain as the classic straight male leader archetype, or will he use his title as a podium for him to finally speak out about his sexuality? Only time will tell, but until then, let’s break down this episode a bit further…

Prom DancingFavourite Character: My love’s got to go to the prom queen himself — you knocked it outta the park this week, Kurt. He was absolutely fabulous in every scene, from asking Blaine Warbler to prom, to wearing his “gay Braveheart” outfit, to accepting his crown and dancing to “Dancing Queen” with his date in front of the whole school. Those students may have been mocking him, but Kurt wasn’t just telling Kate Middleton to eat her heart out — it was also a big “screw you” to his judgmental peers. Nobody deserved that crown more than Kurt did.

Best Throwback to Season 1: Oh, I just loved Sue’s list of songs that New Directions wasn’t allowed to perform! I’ve got to agree with her on “Hair/Crazy In Love”, but “Run, Joey, Run” is my guilty pleasure fave from season 1! And, of course, Rachel would totally pick RJR as her song to sing at prom! Loved it.

Artie & BrittanyFavourite Quotes:

Kurt: Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton.

Jesse: They say that the best time to start any business is during a recession. I don’t know why or even what a recession is, but it’s my understanding that we’re in one.
Rachel: He’s so smart, I can’t believe he flunked out of college.

Brittany: So, I don’t have a date. I’m just going to dance. Then all your dates are going to ignore you and come dance with me. So your dates are really my dates.

Jesse: How was I supposed to know that I was actually supposed to show up to those other classes at school? I was majoring in show choir. I just assumed it would be like at Carmel and the school would get some Asian kid to take math and English and scientific for me.

Jesse: I traded love for a fourth consecutive national championship. It was a bum deal. For a first, maybe, but for a fourth? No way.

FridayBest Song: Must I choose? The music this week was fantastic overall, but “Rolling in the Deep” still managed to stand out above the crowd. I absolutely loved Rachel and Jesse’s unique take on the song, and it so perfectly represented their past relationship. Plus, the fact that Jesse’s first scene back was him singing that song was beyond awesome. I also loved Artie’s super sweet “Isn’t She Lovely” (especially the adorable back-up from the other boys!) and Blaine’s incredibly infectious “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”. Oh, and “Friday”? How dare you make me somewhat like that song, Glee?! Puck, Artie and Sam were hilariously awesome on that number.

Guest Star Ranking: Welcome back, Jesse! I was thrilled to see one of my favourite characters from last season make a reappearance. His performance of “Rolling in the Deep” with Rachel was fantastic, he had some hilarious lines, and he was all-around adorable in his attempts to atone for his previous wrongdoings with Rachel. It’s hard to say how this will all turn out by season’s end, but I’m excited to have more Jesse for at least two more episodes.

Weak Point: Oh, Finn, you just keep driving me crazy this season. You’re with Quinn, not Rachel — can you try to remember that? I was really irritated with how he repeatedly stared down Rachel & Jesse at prom, even while dancing with his own date. And then to start a fight with Jesse for no reason? So not cool. I’m really not impressed with über-jealous Finn. It’s unfair (both to Quinn and Rachel!) and incredibly tacky.

Next week: They’ve only got one more week until Nationals…and so Mr. Schue’s hired Jesse as a show choir consultant? Oh, you just know that this is going to get super messy. Check out the promo video below:

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  1. Audrey permalink
    May 19, 2011 7:32 pm

    Okay! I so tottally thought that when Rachel and Jesse sang rolling into the deep it was awesome! Esechilly sience i have had the song dtuck in my head FOREVER

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