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Rumour Has It: “Rumours” (2×19) Gleecap

May 10, 2011

Don't StopWhile Glee has dabbled in single-artist episodes in the past, from Madonna to Britney, until now they’ve never dedicated a week solely to one album. And although I was initially a bit apprehensive of how the idea might play out, thinking that limiting an episode to a song catalogue of less than a dozen tracks might lead to some poor musical choices, it turns out that Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” fit Glee perfectly. Well done, April! I mean, the kids of New Directions totally are a gossipy, backstabbing bunch who frequently get together and break up in weird combinations – if ever there were an album that suited their storylines, this was definitely it. Even though I wasn’t in love with all of the performances (Artie’s rendition of “Never Going Back Again” was super underwhelming), I thought that all of the songs really did a great job of expressing the characters’ emotions and issues. None of these songs were extraneous – they all really fit well into the episode’s plot. But enough blabbing on about the tunes, let’s break down the episode a little further, shall we?

Brittany & SantanaFavourite Character: Brittany showed every range of emotion this week and I absolutely loved it. She was completely hilarious during her first “Fondue for Two” video, she was so ridiculously clueless during her Muckraker interview with Mr. Schue, and she was utterly heartbreaking in her breakup scene with Artie and her romantic scenes with Santana. Who would’ve thought that HeMo had such range? Oh, and did you see her chair-dancing during Rachel’s “Go Your Own Way” performance? Too damn funny!

Favourite Quotes:

April: You know what I call an afternoon where I’m getting drunk? An afternoon.

Brittany: Hi, I’m Brittany S. Pierce and this is my new Internet talk show, “Fondue for Two”, which combines the two things I like the most: hot cheese and talking to people.

Brittany: Lord Tubbington is allowed to eat cheese because he’s on Atkins.

Sue: The newspaper is making a comeback at this school and like print newspapers everywhere, we’re leaner and meaner, no longer concerned with facts, fact checking, integrity or facts.

Sue: The Muckraker motto? If I heard it, it’s probably true, or something.

Sam & QuinnThoughts on the Rumour Mill: Sue’s resurrection of The Muckraker as a gossip rag was brilliant, and such a perfect way to get the rumours flowing throughout this episode. All of Sue’s scenes involving the newspaper were absolutely hilarious. As for the rumours themselves, I was fairly sure early on that Sam’s rumour must be a family issue – it made sense then that he’d be trying to keep it a secret. But although I’ve been rather lukewarm on Sam as of late, I thought he surprisingly shined in this episode. He showed great emotion in the scene with Rachel and Finn at his hotel, and I loved him bringing his siblings in to sing them an encouraging song about their future. The storyline seemed a bit out of place at first, but I think it gives some nice context to Sam’s character, which he was really lacking.

Best Song: If I had to pick a favourite Fleetwood Mac song, I’d pick either “Go Your Own Way” or “Don’t Stop”, and Glee definitely didn’t disappoint me on my faves. Rachel totally rocked her “feminine twist” on the former, and while the vocals on the latter weren’t particularly noteworthy, the performance itself was completely adorable. I just loved watching the New Directions gang dancing with Sam’s super cute siblings.

April & WillGuest Star Ranking: I’ve been a hesitant fan of April Rhodes since we first met her season one. Kristin Chenoweth is an amazing singer and performer, don’t get me wrong, but in both of her first season episodes she completely dominated for screen time, and considering how large the Glee cast already is, I find it tiresome when guest stars steal all the good songs, dialogue and storylines. This time around, however, I thought that April’s time on camera felt significantly dialed back, and I think the episode was stronger for it. She supplied the episode’s theme, helped move Will’s plotline along, sang one and a half songs, and then she was gone. I think April really complemented this episode well, rather than dominating it.

Weak Point: Even though the episode wasn’t dominated by April, I still fear that her guest appearance stole a fair amount of screen time from other characters this week…namely Terri! I really thought we’d get to see more of her this week since she was supposed to be instrumental in Sue’s plans to bring down Will, but she only had two very short scenes. I hope we’ll get to see more Terri before the season’s done! Scheming Terri is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Next week: It’s prom time! Kings and queens will be crowned, dates will be had and oh boy, will there ever be drama! Check out the promo video below:

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