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“Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”: Born This Way (2×18) Gleecap

May 2, 2011

gleeks on stageGlee may have officially returned to our TV screens with “A Night of Neglect”, but this week’s “Born This Way” felt like the true return of my favourite show. Even though I’m not too sure that we received that many extra minutes with the show in its special 90-minute time slot, I think that the episode was filled with fantastic music, excellent character and plot development, and the overarching theme of self-acceptance really tied everything together well. Let’s break the episode down a bit further, shall we?

Thoughts on the “Self-Acceptance” Theme: Despite how cheesy Glee‘s themes can sometimes be, I think that the show’s usually its strongest when it’s overarching message is strongly prevalent – just like it was this week. Sure, “self-acceptance” is kinda the theme of the whole show, but they managed to run the idea through this week’s show extremely well, from Rachel’s nose job debate, to Lauren’s run for prom queen (and subsequent battle with Quinn), to Emma’s OCD, to Karofsky’s ongoing struggle with his sexuality. I don’t know if it was the extra airtime that helped the show thread this week’s theme so effectively or what, but I really liked the strong treatment of the message.

BarbraventionBest Song: Hot damn! After how underwhelmed I was by the songs in last week’s episodes, I was completely bowled over with the amazingness this week. Do I have to pick a favourite? If I must, I’ll have to give it to Rachel and Quinn’s gorgeous “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” duet. What a perfect mash-up of those songs, and their voices blended together so fantastically. More Rachel/Quinn duets, please! I also loved “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Born This Way”…and even though it felt like “Safety Dance (the season 2 edition)”, the flashmob in the mall to “Barbra Streisand” was totally fun and adorable. I love how Kurt always knows Rachel best, and that a Barbravention is the best way to knock some sense into her!

Favourite Character: I’m not quite sure how Glee‘s managed to make Santana one of the most watchable characters on this show week after week, but yet they have. Once again she was the standout star for me, from her brilliant scheme, to her fantastic one-liners, to her reluctant wearing of the “Lebanese” shirt. I must also, however, give some love to Brittany, too, solely for how she stood up for herself and her love for Santana in the “Lebanese” shirt scene. Fan-freaking-tastic.

RachelFavourite Quotes:

Rachel: Is she [Barbra] here?
Kurt: This is a mall in Ohio!

Santana: The only straight I am is straight-up bitch.

Santana: You really need to be more careful with your leering.
Karofsky: I was just checking out what kind of jeans he was wearing.
Santana: Like that’s any less gay.

Santana: I’m a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch, which means one thing. I have awesome gaydar.

Weak Point: The Lauren/Quinn prom queen battle storyline was definitely the weaker point of the episode for me. Quinn’s story seemed all a bit too over-the-top (and I didn’t feel overly surprised by it either), and I was really disappointed in Lauren that she would out Quinn like that. Dig up the dirt and blackmail her a bit, sure, but I was shocked by how cruel her actions were. Definitely not what I’ve come to expect from Lauren who I usually like watching. Fortunately the two seemed to patch things up well by the end – I don’t like the idea of Lauren being unnecessarily bitchy and mean!

Next week: The rumours are flying in this week’s tribute to Fleetwood Mac! And there’s a familiar guest star back on the scene, too! Check out the promo video below:

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