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Listen to Glee’s first original songs: “Get it Right” and “Loser Like Me”

February 26, 2011
Rachel's hairbrush

Thank goodness Rachel's first original song won't actually be about her hairbrush!

During the last few episodes of Glee, we’ve heard hints that we’ll soon be finally hearing some original songs on the show…and now you don’t have to wait any longer to hear them! Two original songs will be debuting on the show in the March 15 episode, and you can hear them NOW, thanks to an early listen of the songs on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show yesterday. And no, neither of the songs are actually about Rachel’s hairbrush. Finn seemed to have shut that idea down pretty effectively!

The first song, “Get it Right”, is a ballad written by Glee‘s music producer Adam Anders, specifically for Lea Michele as Rachel. “Lea’s storyline kind of inspired that song for me,” said Anders in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Basically, you try to do everything right and you have good motivations with everything you’re doing but everything ends up going wrong. How many times will it take for me to get it right?”

The second song, “Loser Like Me”, is an uptempo, gleeky group anthem sung by the New Directions crew, with Rachel and Finn on lead vocals. Anders co-wrote this track with superstar producer Max Martin, who’s been the genius behind tons of number one hits by the likes of Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson.

So gleeks, now that you’ve heard them – what do you think of Glee‘s first two original songs? I think “Loser Like Me” will grow on me over time, and it’ll probably be a really fun performance, but it’s a little too generic-sounding to me right now. “Get It Right” is perfectly suited to Rachel, however, and I can imagine that it’ll be an incredibly tear-jerking performance. I’d love to hear what all you readers think…so share your thoughts in the comments!

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