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Videos, photos and news for “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle”, plus tips for planning your Glee Super Bowl party

January 29, 2011


With just over a week until Glee returns following the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6, I’ve got all kinds of Glee-ful goodies to serve up to you. First off, here’s FOX’s description of the episode, which is now being titled “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle”:

Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste devise a plot to bring together the warring glee club and football team factions. Meanwhile, Sue, desperate to win cheerleading Nationals, launches a dangerous plan to bring home a trophy, and the kids of New Directions tackle Michael Jackson’s iconic hit “Thriller”.

Sounds like a big episode…but just how big? Take a look at this new preview:

Clearly Glee and football are an excellent match! So excellent, in fact, that the folks at FOX want to help you host your own Glee Super Bowl party! They’ve set up a special web page with all the ideas and tips you’ll need to plan your own shindig, complete with recipe ideas from the cast and the characters! Yup, apparently Brittany needs a recipe to make cheese and crackers, and Puck sticks to his religious roots by making potato latkes. Head on over to their Super Bowl site for all the recipes, and watch some of the cast talk about their fave game day recipes in the video below:

And if all that’s not enough for you, FOX has also released a dozen promo photos for the episode! Check them out below:

What are you doing to celebrate this Glee-ful Super Bowl, gleeks? Share your party plans in the comments!

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  1. February 7, 2011 8:39 am

    this is the best glee episode ever well… after the kurt n finns paents getting married !!!!!!!!

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