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Gleeks United Sneak Peek: Glee quote generator!

May 27, 2010

Every gleek knows that one of the best parts about Glee is the fantastic dialogue. From hilarious one-liners, to poignantly touching moments, the show definitely has some great quotes. So, to celebrate the amazing Glee dialogue, Gleeks United has a new Glee Quote Generator in the works, allowing us to all show off our gleekiness on our blogs! It’ll work just like my countdown clock which counted down until the return of Glee on April 13, and I’ll provide the code so that you can all add it to your blogs, email signatures, or wherever you’d like!

And since I did call this post a sneak peek, here’s a look at where we’re at right now:

Myself and the super-talented Mo Jangda are still making some tweaks and adding in some more quotes into the rotation, but we hope to have it ready for you all sometime next week, so watch this space and be ready to show off just how gleeky you are!

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