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Details on the upcoming Glee concert tour

April 26, 2010

With less than a month left until the Glee concert tour kicks off, it’s about time we had some details about it! Entertainment Weekly has the scoop we’re looking for:

“We’re gonna do between 15 and 18 numbers,” explains Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who’s also producing and directing the concert. “We made a decision to do our biggest hits because that’s what fans want to see. It’s a concert tour but it also has a story in it.” Staying true to the series, the plot will focus on the kids of New Directions and their rivalry with glee club all-stars, Vocal Adrenaline.

A concert tour…with a plot? Sounds like a mini-musical is in the works! It will be interesting to see how developed of a plot they come up with for the tour, and whether or not this plot is going to be integral to the story lines. I’m betting it will be more of a fun side plot, considering that many gleeks won’t get the chance to see the tour! For any of you lucky fans that are attending, definitely feel free to drop me a line about how the show was! I’m jealous of you all!

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