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Gleeks United’s Guide to Glee’s return: How to make the most out of April 13th

April 12, 2010

With only one day left before Glee‘s return, I’m sure that anyone reading this post is pretty damn excited. Surely you have your Tuesday night plans set already, but Gleeks United wants to make sure you have the best spring premiere night of Glee ever! We’ve come up with 5 tips to help make your April 13th even better, so read on to find out how to have your most Glee-ful day yet!

  • Wear any and all Glee paraphernalia you have: Have a Glee t-shirt? A button? A hat? This is definitely the day to bust it all out. Don’t have any Glee clothing or feel like being more creative? Try dressing like one of your fave characters for the day! Pair a skirt with knee-highs for a Rachel look, designer duds for Kurt’s style, or a punk rock goth flair for an outfit worthy of Tina. Oh, and if you want help dressing like Emma? Well, What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear has you covered for that!
  • Bake Glee-inspired treats: Yummy treats are the key to all good parties, so why not have some Glee-inspired treats at yours? You could make Rachel’s apology cookies from “Acafellas,” Puck’s cupcakes from “Wheels” (secret ingredient optional!), or something involving Cheerios! My plan is to make non-drugged up cupcakes with some Cheerios as decorations – check back on Wednesday for photos!
  • Listen to Glee songs all-day long: A bit obvious, yes, but you know you want to! Listen on your commute, listen while you’re at work/school (though perhaps not at school while your teacher is lecturing!), etc. The track I’ll probably be listening to the most will be the new single “Gives You Hell” sung by Rachel in the new episode “Hell-O,” the video of which is now available to download for free from iTunes.
  • Work Glee quotes into your daily conversations: I know you all have about a billion Glee quotes memorized, and today is the perfect day to show off your gleekiness. From Sue’s “You think that’s hard?!” moments to Brittany’s blonde “male duck” moments, spout off your fave lines whenever you can to keep you in the mood! And if you need help remembering some of the great dialogue, check out this Tumblr blog devoted to Glee quotes…in picture form!
  • Make a new gleek: When you settle in to watch Glee on Tuesday night, get a non-gleek friend or family member to watch with you! With nine new episodes in a row coming up, now’s a perfect time to grow our gleeky numbers! I’ve turned many friends into gleeks over the past few months and it’s always fun to get more people in love with the show.

Those are my 5 tips to help make your April 13th one of the best days ever, but what are your suggestions? What plans do you have for the big day? Share your ideas in the comments!

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