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New Glee cast promo photos and videos

March 24, 2010

With Glee‘s return less than three weeks away, the promo materials are coming fast and furious now! First, check out some of the pics from the newest batch of promo photos for the back nine episodes, and then follow the jump for two new promo videos!

There are also great solo shots of the entire main cast (finally letting Heather, Naya, Harry and Dijon get in the spotlight!) and newcomers Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel. Check out the entire gallery of photos here.

And without further ado, two videos! My apologies that the first one is not good quality, but the second one is in glorious HD! Here’s the first, courtesy of Global, the Canadian channel which airs Glee. It’s mostly clips we’ve seen before, but I love the Tina/Artie moment and the look on Will’s face after he shoots an insult back at Sue:

And secondly we’ve got the latest promo to be aired on FOX during an episode of American Idol. It’s entirely possible that I’ve watched this video way too many times already, but what can I say? “Like a Prayer” is my absolute favourite Madonna song and when you hear the Glee cast’s rendition of it, you’ll want to listen to it on repeat, too.

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