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Interview: Heather Morris talks about being cast as Brittany, fave performances, and guest stars

March 17, 2010

Heather Morris and her cheerleader character Brittany share one key thing in common: they both love to dance. Heather has actually been dancing since she was only a year old! She has since gone on to appear as a contestant in season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance and has danced with Beyoncé on tour! The bubbly star took the time to answer a few questions via e-mail about Brittany, her fellow cast members, and more. Part of our Q & A is below, but if you want to read the rest of my interview with Heather (in which she also discusses balancing being both a Cheerio and a gleek and how she sees her character), you’re going to have to wait until September! The full interview will be published in my upcoming companion guide book Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide to Glee which will be in stores this fall.

Gleeks United: How did you get involved in Glee?

Heather Morris: It’s amazing actually, I love this story. So, I had previously assisted and worked with the choreographer Zach Woodlee on numerous projects within the last couple years, and he also knew I had been working with Beyoncé doing the “Single Ladies” tour! But after the tour was over I decided I was not at all happy dancing professionally anymore, I emailed my dance agent that I was only gonna do smaller gigs and all in all focus on this hidden dream of mine, called ACTING…haha. So come January, he called me up to ask if I could possibly help teach the choreography to some of the actors, Chris Colfer and Jenna Ushkowitz, who play Kurt and Tina, for a scene they were doing in the show and had also mentioned that they were looking to cast for this role for Brittany, the third Cheerio joining the glee club, so he was gonna try his best to throw my name out to Ryan Murphy and possibly have a reading with him! The days I came in to teach and dance with the actors, Ryan had shown up and I got to meet him, dance for him a little bit, we also got as far as to scheduling a couple readings. But both times had fallen through due to scheduling conflict. A couple days later, Zach called me up and explained that Ryan was unsure, for he was looking to specifically hire an ethnic girl for the role. Out of the blue I get a call from my agent a couple days after that telling me I was casting for the role of Brittany on Glee! Crazy, eh?

What’s next for Santana and Brittany? What will we see from them in the second half of the season?

What’s next!? I will admit there will be plenty more of them to come in the upcoming episodes!

What was your favourite song to perform and why?

I loved “Bust Your Windows!” That was like my first thing on the show so I really love the thought of it being my start to Glee.

Glee has scored a lot of amazing guest stars so far. Who would you like to see guest star on Glee?

Oh gosh. I don’t like to pick out favorites but I’m a HUGE fan of Kristin Wiig. I would die!

If you had to narrow it down to just one thing, what’s the best part about working on Glee?

I get to do what I love all day every day! 🙂

Thanks again for chatting with us, Heather! We can’t wait to see more of you on Glee soon!

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