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Oprah, Glee clothing line, Madonna soundtrack and more

March 11, 2010

Love Emma's monochromatic style? This fall, it could be yours...

Gleeksters! My apologies for my recent absence. Writing about Glee for the book took priority over writing about Glee for the blog for a few days, but I promise that I’m back in action now. A few things have happened Glee-wise in the past week, so let’s recap it all, shall we?

  • Are you a die-hard Glee fan? Well, Oprah wants to know! A page on Oprah’s website showed up last week asking for gleeks to fill out a form and tell their story on why they’re the biggest gleek out there. We’re not 100% sure what Oprah’s got up her sleeve yet, but it sounds like she’s going to be airing some kind of Glee special and getting fans involved, too. Awesome!
  • I know you all love the fashion on Glee, be it Emma’s cardigans, Rachel’s knee socks, or Kurt’s form-fitting sweaters that stop at the knee. Well, soon you can be rockin’ those looks, too. FOX Licensing along with Glee‘s creator Ryan Murphy are currently developing a line of Glee-inspired clothes and accessories, set to debut in Fall 2010.
  • April 13th is already an exciting day for Glee fans, but now it’s going to be even better. On the very same date as the first new episode of Glee, a new EP soundtrack called Glee: The Music – The Power of Madonna will be available in stores and online, featuring 7 songs from the upcoming all-Madonna music episode airing on April 20. The track listing for the album is: “Express Yourself,” “Borderline/Open Your Heart,” “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin,” “4 Minutes,” “What It Feels Like For a Girl,” “Like a Prayer.”
  • And in more news from the Madonna-themed episode, rumour has it that Santana (who will be receiving more screen time in the back nine episodes) will take the virginity of a beloved male character in this episode…
  • And one important bit of news to leave you with! Due to some scheduling changes at FOX, when Glee returns on April 13 it will be airing from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. EST, not 9:00 to 10:00. This change will, however, just be for the one week, and for the remaining 8 episodes of the season Glee will be aired at 9 p.m.
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  1. March 14, 2010 1:35 pm

    Argh, I didn’t log out of wordpress previously. Please ignore and keep this one! =P

    Hi Suzie,

    I’m passing along a blogging award to you and I can’t wait for your book!



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