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Drumroll please, Finn!: The Gleekdom Giveaway Winners

March 4, 2010

This is the actual shirt our winners will be wearing!

WOW, guys! In the words of Will Schuester: “I don’t what to say! You did such a good job!” (Yeah, I just obscurely quoted two Will lines from the same episode with the post title and the beginning of this post. That’s right.) The winners have been chosen for our very first Gleekdom giveaway and we’re all thrilled at the amazing number of entries we had!

We really wanted to show our thanks to everyone in the Gleekiverse who has supported our Gleekdom sites so far, so we had these shirts made up (thanks, Rachel from GleeHab!). We never expected such a huge turnout for this contest. We received over 200 entries on our websites alone, and over 400 entries on Twitter!

When Rachel and Danielle (from What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?) sat down last night to draw winners, all the Glee love pressed their generosity buttons. They decided to double the number of shirts we’re giving away to TEN! They drew five names from the entries in our website comments, and five separate names from Twitter.

And now for the winners…!

From the website comments:
Celeste (Gleek Report comment #5)
Julie (WWEPW comment)
Justin (Gleeks United comment)
Steph (Gleek Report comment #41)
Shannon (Glee Dork comment)

From Twitter:
(All of the Twitter winners are loyal Gleekdom twitterers! It paid off, guys!)

After we chose t-shirt winners, we drew five more names to receive the set of Swingle Singers songs of Glee background music from iTunes. They are:

ncisgleek4eva (Twitter)
Grgenius (Twitter)
Stephanie (GleeHab comment)
Kathleen (Glee Dork comment)
Daphne (The TV Chick comment)

How to claim your prize:

1. Email us at thegleekdom (at) gmail (dot) com ASAP! We can’t send you your prize if we don’t hear from you!

2. T-Shirt winners, please include your full name, mailing address, and shirt size. We also like smiley faces.

3. iTunes winners, you must live in the US or Canada to receive this prize. In the email, please include the email address to which you would like the songs sent.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! Be on the lookout for more Glee giveaways in the future!

Please continue to spread the Gleekdom love around on Twitter and visit all of our sites often! We promise to continue to bring you the best, most comprehensive, and most original Glee content on the web!

And in the words of Miss Emma Pillsbury: “Yay, Glee! Glee kids, hooray!”

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