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Music Monday: Finn singing “I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song” by Jim Croce

March 1, 2010

Welcome back to Music Monday here at Gleeks United, where I wax poetic about a song I want to see on Glee! This week, we have a guest post from the fantastic Spencer Barrett, a huge gleek who loves Glee so much that he’s part of a roleplaying group on Twitter! Spencer’s fantasy song selection is Finn singing “I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song” by Jim Croce. Check out the song below (and my apologies for the super weird video, but it was the only one I could find!), and read on for Spencer’s thoughts on why this song is perfect for Finn:

The idea for this song to be performed on Glee actually came from an unlikely source: my roommate, Justin. I suppose I’ve watched Glee and listened to the soundtracks enough in our room to have him thinking of Glee just as much as I do. When he played the song for me, I immediately imagined Finn singing this to Rachel. The lyrics involve the singer calling a girl late, just to let her know he loves her. It also discusses how nervous the person is and how he can’t find the right words, so he’ll just sing it. This would be perfect for Finn, considering he isn’t exactly the brightest character on the show. I could definitely picture him calling up Rachel one night and confessing his love to her this way.

Thanks for guest blogging on Music Monday this week, Spencer! Do you have a song that you keep imagining being performed on Glee? E-mail me at and you could do a Music Monday guest post!

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