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Glee wins MPSE sound editing award and producer Adam Anders speaks

February 21, 2010

Music producer Adam Anders

Fan site GleeHab just tipped us off on Glee‘s latest award win – a Motion Picture Sound Editors award for Best Sound Editing: Short Form Music in Television for Glee‘s pilot episode! We all know that a ton of work is put into the musical portion of each and every episode of Glee so this award seems incredibly well-deserved! Congratulations to the entire Glee music team! Check out the entire list of winners here.

And while we’re on the topic of music and Glee, I recently read a fantastic article from Mix Magazine about the music production of Glee that interviewed Adam Anders, head of the show’s music team. Anders talked about how he landed his Glee job, about the insane amount of work that is put into every song we hear, and about working with some of the cast members. This article gives some great insight into the music of Glee, and it was really interesting to read it from a professional perspective. So again, congratulations to Adam Anders for all your success with the show!

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