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Jimmy Fallon meets Glee in “6-bee” parody

February 2, 2010

I’m not normally a Jimmy Fallon fan, but I’ll give pretty much any Glee parody a chance. Jimmy Fallon and his late night show crew performed their own version of a Glee episode last night, in which Jimmy decides to enter the crew into a glee club sectionals competition so that they can use the money to buy the cue cards they need so he can successfully complete the punch lines of his jokes. Okay, yes, the set-up is ridiculous, and the video starts off a bit slow, but stay tuned to the end ’cause their performance is hilariously awesome and features one of my all-time favourite rock songs.

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Another bonus was the Saturday Night Live cast members who popped up in the vid, including Fred Armisen (as the Assistant Director of Financial Accounting) and Abby Elliott (as the red-headed crew member, who, incidentally, looks somewhat like Jayma Mays). Jimmy Fallon, you’re totally on your way to winning a place in my heart with amazing skits like this.

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