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Glee caused more tweets than any other TV show in 2009

January 4, 2010

The original gleeksters are clearly proud of their tweeting prowess.

Twitter’s trending topics on Glee episode nights prove that gleeks love social networking sites, but recently released data from social and digital media tracking site Trendrr shows us just how much that’s true. According to a report on NewTeeVee, not only has Glee dominated Twitter each and every week of its 13-episode run this fall, but with the airing of “Sectionals” in December, Glee caused more tweets than any other show on TV in 2009. From NewTeeVee:

Glee was even more popular than former social media king American Idol, with a total of 1.4 million tweets vs. 826,032 tweets for Idol in 2009. Beating Idol was no easy feat for Glee. The song competition ended with a show-down between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, the gay goth kid and the Christian, with some saying that America once again voting for the wrong guy. Throw in an unlikely friendship, and you got yourself enough drama to cause 65,975 tweets on May 20th. Then again, Glee had all of this, plus a script, and that was enough to take the crown with 78,380 tweets on December 10th.

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