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Glee creator promises more songs for remaining nine episodes

December 31, 2009

More musical numbers? We're on it!

When Glee returns to our TV sets in April, get ready for more singing and more dancing, my fellow gleeksters! In a recent interview with TheWrap, creator Ryan Murphy revealed that there will be more musical numbers per episode in the remaining nine episodes of the first season. Murphy said:

“We’ve been averaging five or six songs per episode in the first 13. In the back nine we do an average of eight to 10 [songs].”

On first read, this news seems incredibly awesome and is sure to please all Glee fans. I mean, what’s not to like about more fantastic musical numbers? But moving from five or six songs per episode to eight to 10 songs is a massive increase, and unless the show has secret plans to move from a 1-hour time slot to a 2-hour time slot, it’s safe to say that there will be dramatic cuts to the amount of plot development in each episode if they’re going to squeeze in so many songs. And while I love the musical numbers, what I love even more is the show’s blend of music and drama and comedy, and I’m not sure I’m completely keen on having to sacrifice some of the latter two.

Nonetheless, the increase may not seem as drastic as we think. You’ll notice that Murphy doesn’t mention how long each song will be. It’s very possible that some (or many) might be short songs such as when Rachel sang “What a Girl Wants” in her bedroom in episode 8, Mash-Up, for about 30 seconds. I think that if a good portion of the songs in the back nine episodes are shorter scenes like that one, us gleeks shouldn’t notice too much of a decrease in plot and substance!

But what do you all think, Glee fans? Is the promise of more songs per episode making you jump for joy, or are you unsure of how this will all play out? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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