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Italians give Glee the flash mob treatment

December 30, 2009

To promote the premiere of Glee in Italy on Christmas Day, FOX Italy coordinated a flash mob at the Galleria Alberto Sordi mall in Rome, Italy, featuring a group of “flash mobbers” breaking spontaneously into dance to a montage of Glee‘s versions of “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Gold Digger,” and “Somebody to Love.” I’ve always loved flash mob events (such as the ever popular “Frozen Grand Central” from Improv Everywhere), so when you throw Glee songs into the mix, I’m pretty much all over it. Also, I love how one of the main girls in green looks a lot like Lea Michele!

Anyone want to start a T.O. Glee flash mob with me to promote its return in April? I think I’m only somewhat kidding…!

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