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12 Days of Glee!

December 23, 2009

If there’s anything I love more than Christmas, it’s Glee! (Okay, mom, I love Hanukkah, too.) To help you all have the very happiest of holidays, FOX is running a cute feature on their website called the 12 Days of Glee! 12 of the best Glee vids are available from now until December 31st, so check them out to relive some of your favourite moments. One of my personal faves is below, but you can check the rest out here.

Note: If the video above isn’t showing up, it’s apparently because FOX still somewhat hates Canadians. You can watch all the videos on the FOX website, but it seems that you can’t view the embedded video on my blog (my fave, in case you were wondering, was “It’s My Life/Confessions”).

Happy holidays from Gleeks United!

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