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Sneak previews of “Sectionals”: The baby drama’s heating up!

December 4, 2009

T-minus 4 days to sectionals, Glee fans! And you can bet that any goodies about the fall finale that I can scoop up before Wednesday will be right here on Gleeks United. To kick off the excitement, here’s the FOX preview (which is different than the one us Canadians get on Global!) and a sneak peek video from the episode that shows us that the Quinn/Finn/Puck baby drama is surely going to boil over soon! As always, if you want to keep yourself pure and unspoiled before the episode, don’t watch the clips below! But if you do choose to watch them, click the “read more” button for my reactions…

The preview: Um, Emma? Will’s right. Your wedding is on Saturday. How are you taking the kids to sectionals? And why would Quinn be wanting to beat up Rachel? Because Rachel told Finn about Puck being the real baby daddy perchance? And oh yes, how much did I love that split second shot of Finn punching someone out? I mean, I kind of still like Puck and all, but I really hope Finn finally takes a stand and punches Puck right in the face.

The sneak peek: Oh yes, Rachel is going to find out and the baby drama is going to be blown wide open, yes indeed! Seriously, do I have to state again how incredibly awesome this episode is going to be? So excited. This scene was also just really adorable what with them all being on the phone together. Oh, and Santana and Brittany? I so knew something was going on there. Ha!

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