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“Hairography” sneak peeks and a grab bag of other Glee-ful goodies

November 22, 2009

Two sneak peek videos for this week’s episode “Hairography” have been released, one introducing us to one of the competing school’s glee instructors (played by Eve), and one giving us a taste of what Puck and Quinn would be like as parents…and oh yeah, Quinn rocks out to a rather appropriate Madonna hit in the second one, too. You go, girl!

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And to help you all end your weekend rather, well, Glee-fully, here’s a grab bag of other goodies!

  • For those of you who, like me, think that Jenna Ushkowitz is adorable and underrated, I found a couple of cute interviews with her this week to share. Not only is Jenna hoping for Tina and Artie to get back together, but she’s also hoping to see Tina do something crazy like…join the Cheerios? Check out a video interview with her on Zap 2 It and a Q&A in the New York Post.
  • Yahoo! Music recently posted a fantastic short video interview with Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Kevin McHale. Along with the usual talk of how they can’t believe that celebrities they idolize now watch them on TV every week, there are quite a few great moments in this video where they talk about Glee‘s role in supporting the underdog and how the show shines a light onto the fact that the majority of people in high school don’t really fit in.
  • Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, and Matthew Morrison have jointly gained a position on People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive 2009” list. I’m not disagreeing with that title one itty-bitty bit, but I do wish that the mag had deigned to give them all their own spot. Regardless, watch the photo shoot’s accompanying video, hilariously titled Glee‘s Sexiest ‘Dorks.'”
  • Us Weekly has named Glee “Cast of the Year,” and although I can’t read the text on this scan of the article, I still love it because of how ridiculous Kevin McHale looks:
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