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Hooray, Glee is back!

November 11, 2009

Artie takes centre stage in "Wheels," yay!

Oh, happy day, Gleeks! Yes, today’s the day when Glee finally returns to our television screens with the episode “Wheels,” in which Artie’s backstory is revealed, Kurt and Rachel have a diva-off, and the glee kids perform a group musical number in wheelchairs. Each and every advance review of this episode has essentially been a rave, and I’ve heard that it’s also important to make sure you have your Kleenex box perched nearby. I’m counting down the hours until 9 p.m. EST, and I hope you’re all excited, too! To help get you through the rest of the day, here’s a few fun links I’ve dug up:

  • PopEater Canada has put the spotlight on my favourite lesser-known Gleekster, Mr. Pop and Lock himself, Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang)! Check out their cute interview with him, in which they discuss his dancing skills and the upcoming possibility of his character getting his own storyline.
  • E! Online reports that the head honchos at Glee were surprised by the positive fan reaction to a Rachel/Puck romance, but if that’s what their fans want, then they’re prepared to give them more of it. Also, if you haven’t yet heard who Artie may be hooking up with, this story discusses that new romantic development!
  • And, of course, how could you possibly get through today without another FOX promo vid? This one’s got some really great bits in it – enjoy!
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