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Sneak preview videos and photos from “Wheels”

October 26, 2009

I know it’s still over two weeks away until we get our next hour-long dose of Glee, but I hope to help ease all you Gleeks through the rest of the brief hiatus with videos, pics, music, and lots of news! Today I’ve got a few sneak preview clips and a collection of promotional photos to help tide you over.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive clip from the Nov. 11 episode, “Wheels.” I’ve searched high and low on YouTube for an embeddable version of this video, but to no avail, so check out their site for the video. FOX has also released a promotional video with clips of episodes we’ll see throughout the month of November, leading up to New Directions’ appearance at sectionals. There’s a lot of drama in this short clip (including some Finn/Quinn baby drama, woo!), so be warned!

And over at “Glee Images” (a great site for both promo pics and screen caps from every episode), you can flip through an album of 12 photos from “Wheels,” including my favourite pic, shown below. I can’t wait to see what song the group will do in matching outfits and wheelchairs!

Wheelchair Gleeks

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