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Broadway and Baseball

October 20, 2009

Two of New York City’s favourite “b” words are heavily connected to Glee this week, so let’s find out how.

  • Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff in Spring Awakening

    Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff in Spring Awakening

    Entertainment Weekly announced yesterday that Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele’s former co-star in the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Spring Awakening, will be joining the cast of Glee for five or six episodes later on this season. Groff will be playing the role of the lead male singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline (the group that we’ve already seen singing Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” and Duffy’s “Mercy”). When asked for more details about Groff’s character, Glee creator Ryan Murphy called him “a male diva…a miva,” and added that the character would serve as another potential love interest for Rachel. Didn’t Rachel say in the pilot that her MySpace schedule kept her too busy to date? And now they’re going to add a third potential love interest for her? Rachel, slow down girl, and don’t forget to stay focused on your Broadway career!

  • After being pulled from performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (due to the parade being aired on NBC and Glee being a FOX show), the Glee cast has been confirmed to sing the national anthem during game 3 of the World Series, currently scheduled for Oct. 31. According to the Los Angeles Times, the game will be in either L.A. or Philadelphia, depending on which team ends up in the finals against the Yankees or the Angels. At this point, no news stories have revealed which cast members will be appearing at the game, but here’s hoping the kids bring along Mr. Schue with them, too!
  • So that was the good baseball news, but here’s the bad baseball news. Due to two scheduled Wednesday night World Series games on FOX, Glee fans will have to endure a two-week long hiatus after this Wednesday’s episode. Trust me, I know this sucks, Gleeks, but it’s only two weeks! Think of it as time to re-watch your favourite episodes with new potential fans, and by the time the show’s back on the air on Nov. 11, you’ll all have converted more friends into Gleeks!

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