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“Don’t just stand there, bust a move!”: Music news round-up

October 16, 2009

Hey there, Gleeks! I’ve got a great round-up of Glee music news for you all to start your Friday on a high note, so let’s get to it!

  • Glee Album CoverIt’s now only two and a half weeks until Glee: The Music, Season 1 (Vol. 1) hits store shelves, and this Gleekster is more than a little bit excited. Although you can’t actually get the album until November 3rd, you can already pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon, which I would do if I didn’t have a plan to visit HMV on the release date to satisfy the teeny-bopper inside of me. You can check out the full track list at either of the previous links, and let’s take a moment to notice what songs are missing from this list. No “On My Own?” No “It’s My Life/Confessions?” No “Push It?” I gotta say that I’m a bit disappointed about some of my faves being absent, but I’m still excited to get the album. But what about all you other Gleeks? Do you plan on shelling out the cash for the album, either the digital or physical version? Or do you feel that the songs are nothing without the video, and prefer to just watch YouTube vids of your fave tracks?
  • Now don’t get your hopes up too high yet, Glee fans, but Entertainment Weekly reported last week that there have been early discussions about a Glee concert tour sometime in early 2010. Although nothing is confirmed as of yet, the president of FOX Broadcasting, Kevin Reilly, and the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, have both talked about the possibility. As any further developments are announced, I’ll report on them here at Gleeks United!
  • Lastly, the song list for next week’s episode (titled “Mash-Up”) has been released! Your ears and eyes will be treated to renditions of Young MC’s “Bust a Move,” Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady, and…Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” Yes, I’m as scared for the last one as you are. Or possibly even more so. Anyway, a sneak preview of Will and his white-boy rapping skillz (yes, with a “z”) on “Bust a Move” is now available online – check it out below!
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